ms symptoms, low vitamin d and pupil test problem

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ms symptoms, low vitamin d and pupil test problem

Postby nevaeh20 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi all, im gonna try and nake this post as short as possible, iv been having quite a lot of ms symptoms, I also have had bloods done abd my vitamin D levels were way below what they classed as low; like a 3 or something, so iv been put on 60,000 pr D tablets a week, I saw a private neurologist yesterday and he performed a examination and said everything was finr other than when he shined a light in my eyes my right eyes pupil didnt react to the light as quicmly as the left eye, it stayed small for a while, ( iv also had pain behind this eye and sensitivity to this eye) he recommended a MRI on head kneck and spine, but never said anything about whay this could be, I went to specsavers today to get a second opinion on my pupils and she said she noticed it on light test straight away and it was to do with nerves and more neuro, but my eyes health in itself was great, my question is, is this a sign of ms in itself?
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Re: ms symptoms, low vitamin d and pupil test problem

Postby TeresaL » Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:29 pm

Docs can tell nerve disease/MS by looking I ro rhe eye. I'f you have low D levels and MS look at Dr Ciscero D/MS protocol
Recommends 60,000 iu D daily or higher. So your research
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