Anyone know about gluten sensitivity & white matter lesions?

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Anyone know about gluten sensitivity & white matter lesions?

Postby Jayney84 » Thu May 07, 2015 1:42 pm

Hi guys just found out I've got one 2-3mm hyper intensity, increased signal opacity in the white matter on my frontal lobe on MRI scan. Im in a pure panic now thinking I've got MS and am going out of my mind imagining all sorts. The scan shows no demyelation and the lesion is 'non specific' whatever that means. Incidentally I've also been found to have raised IgA tranaglutaminase antibodies (should be under 4.5 and mine is 5.29). It's been steadily rising but the overall test for caeliac disease was negative. BUT I've read that gluten sensitivity even when caeliac is negative can cause white matter lesions. My doc said that given my symptoms he wouldn't have even arranged an MRI. Suppose I'm sort of clutching at straws here. I'm so scared. My symptoms have been going on since July last year. They went away for months October to around March and then returned so my doc arranged an MRI. They are:

*brain fog
*headache EVERY day on waking which goes away
*slight burning sensation intermittently in right inner calf
*woozy/dizzy feeling intermittently each day
*intermitent slight ringing in ears

I've read headaches can cause white matter signal lesions in gluten sensitivity. My doc isn't concerned and said my raised IGA is some sort of infection but he isn't concerned and thinks my symptoms aren't typical of MS but of course I'm imagining that I'm gonna end up wheelchair bound! My little boy is 2 today and I keep looking at him and just crying. Never been so scared in my life. Seein a private neurologist soon and I'm so worried he's just gonna say 'we will do another MRI In a year or something'
Any help greatly appreciated
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