Free Video: No "Catch," No Strings

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Free Video: No "Catch," No Strings

Postby willysnout1 » Sat Jul 03, 2004 4:02 pm

On Jan. 30, 2004, ABC News 20/20 ran a 23-minute feature narrated by Barbara Walters concerning Richard Cohen, a writer for The Washington Post who has MS. The show included depictions of Cohen's professional and family life, and interviews with him and his wife, Meredith Vieira, a TV personality.

Of all the TV depictions I've seen about MS, this one is far and away at the top of my list. While the Cohen-Vieira family is not socio-economically typical of MSers, I still thought the show was candid, realistic, sensitive and moving. I'm generally not a big fan of Barbara Walters, but this is an exception to the rule for me. I really think people should see this.

To that end, I obtained a tape of the show and got a bunch of equipment to convert the tape to DVDs. I have sent 48 DVDs to people on the MGH BrainTalks board, and will send one to anyone here who wants one. I will only send DVDs. Copying and mailing videotapes is too cumbersome for me. Don't tell me you can't afford a DVD player. I was just at a Sears store today for the semi-annual sock and underwear purchase and saw DVD players on sale for $40. :)

I will accept no money for these DVDs. I will not cash any checks or money orders. They are too hard to keep track of. If you feel compelled to make a donation, please do so to the local charity of your choice. There are people in need everywhere. If you would like a DVD, send me an e-mail with your name and address.

The DVD I will send can be copied to mail to friends and family members. You can do it on your own computer if you have the equipment, or if not there are plenty of computer shops that will make copies for you.
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