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Re: My Netherlands daughter...

Postby Lyon » Tue Aug 08, 2006 3:29 pm

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Postby Chris55 » Wed Aug 09, 2006 6:50 am

NHE--Point taken--thanks! Let me re-state: The CRAB drugs do not stop disease progression--just reduce relapse rate by approximately 30% IF they work at all. Now, Tovaxin appears to not only stop disease progression but also reverses nerve damage. They are desperately trying to get (private) funding for Phase III.

The trial with Minocycline was hugely impressive--87% reduction in lesion rate. We would expect Phase III--right??? Not! This trial progressed to a combination trial--Copaxone and Minocycline! You would think they would have learned their lesson with the Tysabri/Avonex combo trial. Adding insult to injury, the medical community was advised to NOT give their patients Minocycline as it would contaminate the results of the combo trial. To all of this I say--BULL!!!

As I've said, I believe in traditional medication. I take a drug--Periostat--for gum disease. It is in the Tetracycline family (as is Minocycline). I take a very low dose twice a day. It does NOT work like an antibiotic. They found in some people, the body sends too many enzymes in response to gum inflammation. This actually causes gum detachment and further inflammation. You can't "floss" it away. My med blocks this process. Even have gum reattachment. (I would love to meet the BRILLIANT researcher who came up with this drug! It has saved my teeth--literally!) Sadly, almost no one even knows about this drug! I get it from my oral surgeon and my regular dentist--who is next door and works with the surgeon--knows nothing about it.

Could it be that the MS Minocycline trial did something similar--i.e., blocks whatever is causing the inflammation? Minocycline doesn't have much hope of progressing in my opinion. It is cheap ($20 a month), has been around for about 30 years (used to treat acne), and has no serious side effects. From where I stand, this is an injustice to ALL of you! For me, the drug companies' need to control the market is simply transparent.

As I said with my daughter's natural treatment, the beauty lies in the fact that she can continue to take all of her MS medications..although she has stopped all but the Neurontin and lowered that dramatically. She and her husband are planning on having a child. Her MS doctor said to stop 2 weeks before trying. Avonex says 6 months!

Again, you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers daily!
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