Multiple Sclerosis-Lets get physical

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Multiple Sclerosis-Lets get physical

Postby gristy56 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:53 am

MS is due to vibration of chains of magnetite. These stand in upright masses of deposit on the blood brain barrier at one point, held by the Earths magnetic field at night during sleep. Vibration only occurs when the mass of a deposit resonates with the very small electromagnetic fields that surround us all the time. The majority of these are at 50Hz, 60Hz in the USA.
By placing steel wirewool in a plastic bag inside your pillow slip on top of the pillow two things happen. First your entire head is screened from these very small fields that otherwise cause demyelination. Secondly, the deposits which are ferromagnetic are attracted towards the scalp where they are washed away by the blood for natural chelation. This has been shown to work following MRI scans in my case.
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