September 4th is MSRC's PlayMonday Draw

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September 4th is MSRC's PlayMonday Draw

Postby robinredbreast » Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:40 am

MSRC recently asked for peoples support in attempting to gain the most votes on the web site and we were overwhelmed by the response – even though we came third in the end behind The Guides and The Scouts.

Just think of that though, MSRC only losing out to those 2 huge membership organisations – no wonder we felt humbled by the response and very, very grateful.

So here we are again asking for your support in spreading the word about another event that has the potential to make many of you a bit better off and MSRC a lot better off at the same time.

Being honest right up front – it will mean you spending a £1 (or more if you want!) because on September 4th 2006 – that is next Monday - MSRC is one of the beneficiary charities in the monday lottery and for every £1 played in support of MSRC’s draw that day we will receive 30p within days of the draw.

Of course it would be best if everyone receiving this email sent us £1 and gift aided it but hey, life needs to be a bit of fun sometimes too, so why not give yourself the chance of winning up to £100,000 in the first draw and £200,000 in the second draw (YES you get entered into 2 draws for each £1) by playing at for the game on September 4th.

Yes that is right – 2 draws for your pound, no rollovers (nearest numbers win) and even the smaller prizes are bigger than some other lotteries we could name. We would love one of you to win – and then make a huge donation to MSRC of course!

Actually we would like you to play every week for every charity and at least you would know that a large chunk of your money would be going directly to the charities named. However, lets start by having as many of you as possible joining in on September 4th to make the draw for MSRC a really special day.

You can buy your tickets now, so please consider this way of supporting our work and once again demonstrating just how amazing our supporters and their friends, families and contacts are.

You can read more about MSRC at and more about the monday lottery at or you can call me, Lawrence Wood, on 01206 505444 or email me at

Please pass this on to all your contacts and anyone else you can think of and let’s really make something amazing happen on September 4th for MSRC!

Do let us know if you win – anything.

Squiffy - On behalf of Lawrence Wood, MSRC CEO
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