Rhodiola helps to increase energy

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Rhodiola helps to increase energy

Postby SB » Fri Oct 06, 2006 3:41 pm

I am new to this board, but thought I would let everyone know about something that helps me tremendously. I was diagnosed with RRMS in June 2000 and have been on Avonex for 5 years and Rebif for the last year.

One of my MS symptoms was decreased energy, and I read an article in Newsweek about Rhodiola Rosea to help improve your energy levels.
If you want to see the article, google Newseek and rhodiola.

It is amazing. I have tried a few different brands to see which works best for me. Some definitely work better than others. One brand that I have used is Nature Made, I took 2 capsules each morning; a brand that I am using now is New Chapter "Rhodiola Force 300", I take one capsule of this brand ( I get it at Whole Foods). I have tried the "Rhodiola Force 100" but found it was not strong enough for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along this little tip for all of you. I hope it helps.

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Postby scoobyjude » Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:47 am

Thanks for sharing. I'm a vitamin and supplement junkie always looking for new ones that help symptoms.
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