Social Security Reform Update

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Social Security Reform Update

Postby UCAN » Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:24 pm

Since Ar Mellor from the Accelerated Cure Project, Stuart Schlossman from Stu's Views and MS Related News, and a few other MS organizations have posted my Social Security Reform petition on their websites during the past few weeks, over 500 MS patients, physicians, members of disability advocacy organizations and other concerned citizens have rallied behind this important legislative reform effort. There's a long way to go to reach the 10,000 signature goal necessary to establish credibility at the federal level, but every signature makes the initiative that much stronger.

I thought you might like to read some of the comments being made by those who have signed the petition...

"We shouldn't be held back from participating in society when we can, but receiving help for our families when we need it."

"The unpredictability of MS requires contingencies."

"SSA Disability should include ALL medically diagnosed chronic illnesses, regardless of age. Chronic illness does not discriminate. I hope this is taken seriously NOW."

"I have MS. Someone with MS who is brave enough to TRY to work despite MS, shouldn't have Social Security Benefits jeopardized for such efforts when MS can soon rob that person of an ability to work."

"My husband has MS and would have benefited early in his diagnosis from being able to work on and off depending on his disease manifestations at this time."

"Why aren't we helping our 'own' instead of spending billions of dollars overseas. It's time to stand up for 'OUR' rights as Americans and demand that our government to 'pay ATTENTION' to 'OUR' needs."

"Just diagnosed at twenty years old. I know I still have a full life ahead, but this would add much needed security."

"MS is devastating. This is very important for us."

"It took me over 3 years to get disability for MS!!"

"If it's 'social' security, why is it so hard to get?"

"I wonder if the people who make these decisions would change their minds if they had a chronic illness."

"This is necessary; people with MS need this help."

"Important Amendment - will save money and help many."

"A much needed reform."

"I know what it is like to live in daily fear of a relapse. Do you?"

"Will be able to return to work i.e. some semblance of 'normalcy'."

"The SSA truly needs to modify their Criteria for Disability."

"This makes sense!"

"Awareness of this is vital."

"Need to change law -- awareness of disease intermittence is a problem."

"MS deserves coverage like any other disability."

"What would you do if it were you?"

"Please approve this."

"This just makes sense."

"Passing this amendment will ultimately save the government money, and give people with MS a renewed sense of viability."

"There needs to be awareness and reform."

I have been speaking with individuals at the Social Security Advisory Board, the National Council on Disability, and other groups regarding this initiative. It's becoming a full-time effort to which I am fully committed.

Considering this is National MS Awareness Month, what better time to keep the momentum going.

Please continue helping to spread the word. The petition link can be found by visiting and typing the keyword "SSA."

Thank you, in advance, for your endorsement.


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