IFN-ß users protected from West Nile Virus?

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IFN-ß users protected from West Nile Virus?

Postby Outlawbiker » Sun Jun 10, 2007 11:46 am

I had always wondered if folks exposed to WNV (symptomatic or not) developed immunity from it and no longer risked future illness from mosquito bites later on. After reading into this study I discovered that the natural response to infection of the flavivirus is the natural expression of IFN-B to disrupt RNA replication of the virus! Normally the virus interferes with that process to buy it time to replicate -HOWEVER- high dose sc injections 3X/wk of Rebif might make those of us using it more difficult for WNV to find a hospitable environment in which to take hold.

I'm no "brainiac" by a HUGE margin to be sure but I know that there are bunches of you folks here with all those fancy letters behind your names in your titles that might further enlighten me on this and possibly dispell my personal sense of security in this area. (this being the FIRST positive "coincidental" benefit besides the obvious one for my choosing Rebif as my therapy.)

(I hope the link works)

http://www.med.yale.edu/micropath/pdf/L ... ch2007.pdf

The significant part of the discussion is at:

CH. 33 page 1113 "Host Resistance to Flavivirus Infection"
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