OddDuck's MS Research "Dream Team"

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OddDuck's MS Research "Dream Team"

Postby OddDuck » Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:11 am

Hi, folks! Ok....last post, I promise. This might be a little "off topic", but I'm just throwing it out there for humor mainly.

The NMSS (New York) quoted Donald Trump to me last week. He said "Think Big, Achieve Big", which prompted me to put this together. :wink:

Maybe you'll get a chuckle. hehehe......... (Remember, this is all fact, too!) HAH!


"Think big, Achieve big". I thought I'd mention to you who my MS Research "dream team" would be (some of whom I've already contacted), if you could get them all in the same room, that is. The cast is as follows:

Sam Hunter (MS, neuroimmunology, immunotherapy, pharmacology, and "eyewitness", I might add - former Mayo, now independent plus Vanderbilt and St. Thomas)

David Hafler (MS, genetics - Harvard)

Claudia Lucchinetti (MS, patterns/causal relationships - Mayo)

Fridolin Sulser (Psychopharmacology, desipramine guru - Vanderbilt)

Howard Kirshner (Neurology, formerly MS, now vascular - former Harvard, now Vanderbilt mainly and St. Thomas)

Harold Moses (MS, infectious agents/antigens - Vanderbilt)

Collaboration: The Netherlands University (MS, norepinephrine connection)

Head study doc: Sam Hunter

The Lab: Vanderbilt

The initial guinea pig and resident peacekeeper: Yours truly - ME

The funding: Timothy Coetzee, NMSS

Possibility factor: High

Probability factor: Low, but not impossible, which takes us back to the possibility factor.

I'm a real character, aren't I? Seriously, though, so far, Sam Hunter, David Hafler and the NMSS has my research. Sam Hunter diagnosed me, and treated me. I have been in contact with Dr. Kirshner. He has made special exception and graciously agreed to meet/treat me, IF I can get a referral to him. I'm about to get with Dr. Moses next week. No telling who all read my research that I posted on the web. Last time I looked, it had over 450 hits. Not bad.

Donald Trump would be proud! Maybe I'm not so crazy after all.
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Postby OddDuck » Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:40 am

You know what's kind of funny about my "dream team"?

Sam Hunter used to be a colleague of Claudia Lucchinetti's at the Mayo (so they know each other well). Also, Sam has partnered with David Hafler in the past on research publications, so they know each other well. David Hafler is also on one of the Boards at the NMSS.

All of the Vanderbilt people know each other. Dr. Sam Hunter used to be an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt and worked closely with the Sriram/Moses team until Sam left and went out on his own.

They all know Dr. Kirshner and Dr. Sulser, of course.

Sam Hunter appears to be the most integral player in it all, hence why I proposed he take the lead. Besides, he's got a satellite office where he does clinical trials, but he doesn't have an actual lab. Plus, like I said, he agreed to let me try this particular drug combination in the first place, and he witnessed the improvement. But like he said, "But we can't prove it. We'd have to have a research trial."

Maybe that explains things a little more? Like Bromley said in another thread, I forget sometimes that some folks here might not understand all the behind the scenes stuff, unless you've been following my actions for the past few months.

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