Health Insurance Denial

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Health Insurance Denial

Postby ssmme » Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:57 pm

Hey guys,

I have a little snit to get off my chest. I was reading threads out here and saw in the little advertisement window at the top a link to "MONTEL WILLIAMS SCLEROSIS" for health insurance quotes. I just wanted to get an idea what policies would cost were I to go out today with my diagosis to get health insurance for my family (I currently have insurance so I was really just curious), I filled out the form as required and hit the send button. A few days later I received a packet in the mail of insurance quotes from Anthem, Humana and what not but all of the quotes were based on a 40 something year old woman in excellent health. I was then contacted via e-mail from a local agent that had received my info request. She wanted to know if the information she sent by mail was helpful and if I was interested in any of the plans. I was quite frank in my response and told her that the quotes provided were the same information I could get anywhere on the internet. That they are teaser rates to pique people's interest but the information would never translate into a real rate. I flat-out requested a real life quote based on my ms dx, my four children and my husband. The response I got back said "I'm sorry, we can't help you."
I was so ticked off that I found the company that sponsored the ad and fired an e-mail off to them letting them know they are falsely advertising and forwarded the e-mails sent back and forth with the local insurance company. So far I have not received a response and probably won't.

Sorry this is a long winded post but l needed to vent and wondered if anyone else has come across anything irritating like this.
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