Going to SSI doctor, need advice

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Going to SSI doctor, need advice

Postby Jim_P » Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:04 am

I've been summoned to see a neurologist through the government in consideration for my SSI.

What does it take to convince these people who have no understanding of how bad my symptoms really are?

What do I do, I'm nervous as hell that I'm going to f' it all up somehow.

The big thing in my mind is I choose to not catheterize myself, but squat in the tub to pee. Kind of limits where I can go these days. Not to mention I have the terrible abdominal spasms, I can't concentrate most of the time, etc,etc,etc.

Also, will they take into consideration I'm on two muscle relaxers all day long that make me a zombie?? I'd be lucky to get an hours worth of work done in one day.

I have a flare up every couple months or so, and as I recall, when I was working they came on MUCH stronger.

Are they going to say that's no excuse?
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Postby jimmylegs » Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:36 am

they better not.

i imagine the challenge would be to make your symptoms visible and as inconvenient as they would be in everyday life, within the assessment. some of us look too normal. for instance, my gimpy walk has resolved and people can't tell visually that i'm no good with paper, coins, fine detail, etc, because my hands are uncomfortably numb. just like two balloons as it were. people think i'm an impatient bitch when i clear my throat, not that my spit just heads for the lungs regardless of my mood.

maybe ask for a bathtub to pee in while you're in the appointment. if your meds zone you out, show them what you're like in that state. if they are doing their standard tests anyway, maybe letting them see all the rest of it would flesh out the picture more aptly. i would hope so. it's just a pain that you have to figure out ways to convey what standard tests don't address.[/i]
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