Injuring yourself....via MS...

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Injuring yourself....via MS...

Postby coomoob » Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:58 am

Soo...since my first attack in late Dec 2007, I've been ok....just waiting for my June MRI (for full diagnosis or to continue to wait).

I injured my knee at work about two weeks ago. I (work in a hospital in radiology) was bringing a patient down for a study. I filed a workmans comp claim and recently started physical therapy to try and get the knee back in shape. I had a consultation where we discussed my history. I told her I have "undiagnosed MS." So Thursday I had my first official therapy appointment. She moved my knee all around and I did excercises. She mentioned that my left leg was very weak and that my knee was tracking in all different directions, as my leg moves..right..left..etc. I had been working out (weights, elyptical, walking) in the weeks up to my the leg should not have been weak/out of shape. After further thought she thinks that my injury was probally from weakness in that left leg, that's caused by neuromuscular issues. She thinks it's related to my "MS."

Thinking back I have noticed from time to time that I'll do a double step, or trip or myself. I always blamed this on the fact that I have never had any coordination and have always been a clutz. However, with the recent events I have to think that my "MS" is/could be progressing to something much worse. All of my symptoms have been left sided so far (facial paralysis, left arm/hand tingling/numbness and left foot tingling....and now left leg weakness/uncoordiation.

Has anyone else been injued like this? Does this sound like an MS issue...or am I being a hypochondriac? I feel like I'm just falling apart lately. My back has been more this damn knee...I forget things so easily. I was actually getting into excercise every day before work to help keep possible MS at bay and get in better shape. Now, I can't even do that with this f-ed knee. :(
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