Candida and MS

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Candida and MS

Postby JimP » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:56 am

I posted here a long time ago about an odor emitting from my pores, that has gotten worse as my MS has gotten worse.

I'm cleaning the yeast out of my intestines and the odor is going away. My energy is coming back.

I stopped the acetyl-glucosamine because it was irritating my prostate, which is whole other new story.

I advise all of you to get some good probiotics and digestive enzymes. It's working wonders for me.

Leaky gut syndrome and candida that causes it are a sickening build up and not a joke. Not to mention the white thrush on my tongue. yummy.

12 out of 18 autistic children are showing improvement after being treated for yeast infection.

The hardest part is cutting down on sugar because it's in everything.

Threelac, oxgyen elements, and Active Digestive enzymes are working wonders with my mood, energy, skin sensation and overall good feelings in my stomach/intestines.

If anything it will clean up my organs real good. I feel like I'm more on the right path this time. A path that can only lead to good.

Anyone else cleaning their guts out there?

What if it is intestinal candida build up that is causing many problems that people face with their bodies?

How many of you have sinus problems and nasel into throat drip, sometimes turning hard and gross. How many of you have thrush? I have all these things, as well as gross smelling sebum in the pores of my face. I think if I can clear these things up I may also have found the origin of what caused my MS.

If this is not it, I am going to find the answer. It's out there.
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Postby JimP » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:12 am

I also forgot to mention, no matter how much or how far back I trim my fingernails, an orange line grows beneath each fingernal tip. This is internal fungus.

Anyone else have this??

If our intestines are chopped up by candida over-growth, wouldn't it make sense to assume that some bad things are getting into our blood streams??

Why else would autistic children show improvement on yeast treatment? I've been reading parent's stories about their kids and for some reason many of them have bowel problems.

Do any of you have bowel problems. I know I have for many many years.

I've had serious pain in my guts that lasted months before I had my very first spasm (right over top where the interstinal pain was)
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Postby Nenu » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:15 am

I had a stomach issue that could not be determined via ultrasound/xrays/blood work, but was causing pain daily. Plus I had severe burning mouth. I guessed Candida, and did the diet, probiotics and Oil of Oregano (2 weeks after starting the diet). I seemed to improve greatly, and the stomach pain went away.
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