Saw new neurologist today

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Saw new neurologist today

Postby Nenu » Fri May 16, 2008 9:16 am

Since my awesome neurologist is out till the 20th, I saw another neuro today, who does not feel that I am in a relapse, as I am not exhibiting new symptoms. He called it a 'flare'.

So that means, 3 days of steroid by IV no taper period, instead of the original 5 and taper. So that's good news.

I talked with him about my burning mouth situation, and he was very familiar with this condition. He mentioned a lot of the drugs I had read about (bear with me)... klonopin, galapen and amitriptyline (spelling off I'm sure). So he's contacting my neurologist to have him see me and discuss putting me on one of these drugs to deal with the burning mouth, which he explained is likely due to a lesion in my brain stem, and is related to my MS fully, and my nerves firing off in my face. He said since it mainly affects the right side of my face, and doctors/dentists were clueless since there are no visible signs supporting infection/lesions, it's definitely neuropathic pain.

So.... now I have to wait until the 20th at least for relief via drugs, which he said can take up to 1 week to begin to show signs of relief with burning mouth. But at least I finally got an answer to this lol. Relief! Now cross your fingers that whatever drug they put me on gives me relief. :)
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Postby cheerleader » Fri May 16, 2008 10:04 am

Glad you got some answers, Nenu-
Neuropathic pain is not fun, but maybe the steroids will take some of the inflammation down on your brain stem lesion and relieve the pain. Jeff's feet felt like they were burning when he had his first flare, and the steroids got rid of it. Wishing you the same relief,
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