Messing with my medication

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Messing with my medication

Postby MrsGeorge » Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:22 am

My doc put me on gabapentin for the pain that I have been having in my legs & bum - the original does did nothing and the doubled does (600mg/day) had a little effect on the pain but nothing really noticible. I did however start gaining weight when I should have lost (am on strict diet).

I have decided (without checking with my GP) to stop taking the gabapentin to see how much difference it's making to my pain. In the last 4-5 days I have noticed that I have more pain but as the meds weren't making that much difference I can pretty much live with it - so long as I don't do certain things.

Is it really dumb of me? It's just that I have been fighting so hard to lose weight - and have lost 35lbs but I still have more to lose and just can't afford to gain weight or I will never be able to start a family.

I'm still due to be starting copaxone in the next couple of weeks.
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Postby gibbledygook » Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:55 am

If the meds aren't really helping then it hardly seems sensible to keep taking them just because a professional is telling you to. I hesitate to recommend anything to anyone as we're all different but I have found that the pain in my left leg and foot has radically improved since I started taking lots of curcumin (bioactive part of turmeric) and boswellia (basis for frankincense) with a bit of bioperine (black pepper extract) to aid absorption. This improvement could well be random, however. I haven't noticed a big increase in weight on them although my appetite is considerably better than for the previous 2.5 years when I was trialling antibiotics.
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Postby Nenu » Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:17 pm

Gabapentin takes quite a while for the benefits to be felt.

If you've taken something like Percocet for pain before, it's not at all like that. No immediate relief.

By quite a while, I can't give you an answer. It depends on the individual.
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Postby Artifishual » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:12 pm

for what its worth if we are talking bout the same meds i was taking 3000mg a day w/ no results. you may want to talk to your dr about uping the dosage???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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