Extra Copaxone and Betaseron to trade/give?

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Extra Copaxone and Betaseron to trade/give?

Postby urchin » Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:43 pm

Forgive the question if it's been addressed before, I'm new to the board and haven't had time to read the 50+ pages of general discussion yet. ;) I was on Copaxone, very briefly switched to Betaseron and am now going to Avonex.

I have about a 1/2 box of Copaxone leftover and a _full_ box of Betaseron. Is there any mechanism to trade any of these expensive drugs for Avonex (what I need)? Or can I even legally give it away? They are bought and paid for and have been stored properly; neither have expired.

Thanks for any help!
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