Glossary (Interesting Website!)

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Glossary (Interesting Website!)

Postby OddDuck » Wed Nov 17, 2004 5:45 am

Hey, folks!

Just now, while posting to the "gray matter" thread that billf started, I ran across this website that I had never seen before. I haven't looked at it in depth yet. It isn't directed to MS, but it looks interesting. It appears to be something on the "philosophical" edge of life in general (mscaregiver may find this one interesting, also, if he hasn't happened upon it yet). Combines biology with neurology, etc.

Anyway, what I found that was somewhat innovative, I thought, was in their glossary of terms. When you click on each term, it opens another window and shows you a quick diagram or actual picture of the term.

While I was searching into billf's post regarding gray matter, the results referred to the cerebellum and "telencephalon". Anyway, when I got to this term and I clicked on it, it opened up a really neat diagram of the breakdown of the nervous system! In more "layman's terms", too! I mean it's at least a "visual", which to me anyway helps a LOT!

(I see now that several of the terms will open this same diagram, also.)

Check this out, folks! It's at:

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