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Need Help

Postby WayneSC » Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:30 am

My wife is in the hospital in a small city with meningitis apparently contracted through her MS baclofen pump. The pump was surgically removed and she is being treated for bacterial meningitis, although they can't grow a culture. Their baclofen withdrawal plan seems very funny to me. She has had a small brain infarct and her kidneys are failing from the antibiotic. She is cycling through different awareness presentations every day.

Question: does anyone know of a hospital in So Cal that has had significant experience with this combination of MS, meninigitis (that may be mis-diagnosed) and baclofen withdrwal management? UCLA, Loma Linda?
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Postby jimmylegs » Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:15 am

i really, really wish i could help, wayne. i am not from that area :( i hope you can get help immediately.
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Postby cheerleader » Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:28 am

we're in socal. Have never needed hospital admittance, but if I were you, I'd give UCLA a call now.
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thoughts and prayers with you and your wife-
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