MS Neurologist Rating Website

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MS Neurologist Rating Website

Postby marcstck » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:42 pm

I came across a very interesting website that I think has a tremendous potential to be a very valuable resource for the worldwide MS community. It's a place were you can post info, both positive and negative, about MS neurologists you've had experiences with. Of course, you can also read what others have posted about a neuro you might be considering seeing.

It would be great if this could become a comprehensive database that could help MSer's weed through some of the terrible doctors out there, and find the great ones. New patients especially could benefit from the experiences of those of us that have been "around the block a few times", and old hands might find direction to doctors who could give a valuable second opinion...

So, click the link and rate your neuro, or read what somebody else had to say...
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