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Postby merlin26 » Fri Dec 10, 2004 11:26 am

Hi a while ago I heard that there was a chemotherapy drug known as cyclophosphamide being used to treat MS. The drug was given to individuals in such high doses that it killed off most of the patients immune system. The only thing left over were the stem cells which were used to essentially reboot / recreate the immune system from scratch. The research and application of using high doses of cyclophosphamide was being done by Dr. Brodsky. A few months back only 6 patients had undergone this procedure but all 6 benefited very well from the treatment and had noticed that their symptoms had completely disappeared. I was just wondering whether or not anyone else had heard anything more on this treatment? I was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 25 and I find the ABCR's difficult to tolerate. In addition I have noticed a major cognitive decline over the last 2 years and am desperate to find a way to not just read my M.S. but possibly rid myself of it for good. If any of you have more information in regards to Dr. Brodskys research and would be willing to share it with me i'd be very much appreciative! Thank you.
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Re: Cyclophosphamide

Postby HarryZ » Fri Dec 10, 2004 8:55 pm


That particular trial did show some promise for MS but that is not the first time cyclophosphamide has been used in such trials. Although the result of the trial you read about was good there have been deaths in some other trials. I believe the mortality rate for this kind of stem cell transplantation for MS sits at around 5%. The procedure is usually done on severe MS patients who have been quite sick and when you almost wipe out their immune system, they can be open for all kinds of life threatening infections.

Hopefully in the future the docs will figure out a way minimize this risk and stem cell treatment on MS could become a viable option. It is going to take some time though.

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