Swine flu vaccine

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Swine flu vaccine

Postby guitarguy » Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:18 am

Just wondering if anyone here is going to have the vaccine as soon as it comes out or are you going to wait? I know some healthy people who are afraid of it, maybe we should be too?
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Postby LR1234 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:52 pm

I had the flu vaccine 3 years in a row after suffering really badly after getting the flu. However when I had the last flu vaccine I got really ill with it and still caught the flu that year which led me to a bad relapse! So now I am scared to have the vaccine but also scared not to!
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Postby jimmylegs » Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:18 pm

i'll be giving that one a miss. i take selenium though, because ms-ers are low in it and it helps you fight infection while also raising glutathione levels. i googled swine flu selenium and found this:
http://www.swineflu.org/printer_friendl ... ?TID=25276
There are several potent nutritional supplements that you can start taking now to power up your immune system, including:...
Selenium: You need selenium to make glutathione, your body’s most potent natural antioxidant. Plus, as a cardiologist I’m very in touch with the impact of selenium on cardiomyopathy. Years ago, a famous disease in China called Keshan disease was causing cardiomyopathy in adults and children, due to a deficiency in selenium that weakened the heart muscle. When patients were given selenium, it increased the efficacy of the white blood cells, mobilizing them to eradicate the infection that caused the cardiomyopathy.

it also mentions lots of vitamin C, plus things like quercetin and NAC, none of it sounds particularly scary for ms-ers :)
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Postby lyndacarol » Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:10 pm

I agree with Jimmylegs about checking on nutrients and possible deficiencies. But I encourage people to use caution. The adage of "If a little is good, then more is better" is NOT wise to follow -- testing to establish levels is very important.

Perhaps especially with selenium -- I recall an incident this summer: a polo team was visiting in Florida from South America (I believe). All the polo ponies from the visiting team died suddenly. As I recall, their deaths were eventually attributed to vitamins, specifically doses of selenium.

Now, I know we are not horses; but I recommend caution.
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Postby jimmylegs » Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:19 pm

yep lab testing is always a good idea, and it's even more important with things that is reportedly toxic in high doses, such as selenium.

the usual 200 daily dose that the supplements come in is supposed to be safe and you can get that from 3 brazil nuts, or pills.

400 a day is also safe if you find you are low and trying to build up. i've seen research where they pumped patients with doses like 1600 and 3200 mcg per day for a year, with no serious toxicity (but some reported side effects).

i'm still waiting for my first se test to come in. they messed up jun 19 and i was back last week to give the blood for it AGAIN.
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Postby Alicia » Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:50 pm

No way am I getting this vaccine. All I hear from my doctor is to stay away from anything that will boost my immune system. I will take my chances with possibly contracting the swine flu.

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Postby Bubba » Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:51 am

I know I have had the flu vaccine three times. One month later following the vacinations, I got the flu. Other than that I dont get it. Therfore, I do not want to take the vaccine if avaliable.
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Postby Wonderfulworld » Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:04 am

I had true influenza in January 1995. I was semi-conscious for 3 days (lived on my own at that time), pneumonia, and it took me about 8 weeks to recover. It was really horrendous. A lot of people call flu-like viruses "flu" but they are not the real thing.

I have taken the last 3 flu vaccines to no ill effect, although last Xmas I did get a very peculiar flu-like virus that made us all sick. Maybe it would have been a lot worse without the vaccine. I for one plan to take the vaccine for swine flu, to be honest, I'm very concerned about the coming "flu-season".
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Postby ElMarino » Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:09 pm

you know, it's a selfish way to look at it. but if everyone else takes the vaccine then you don't need to.. ☺

flu gives me a relapse. doesn't stop me from thinking that the risks of swine flu have been sensationalised. Obviously some people are making vast amounts of money from vaccinating whole continents, that wouldn't have anything to do with anything, would it?

and this is without even touching on the ingredient 'squalene' which some swear will give a small percentage of us gulf war syndrome..
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