How many attacks would you say this is?

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How many attacks would you say this is?

Postby hlm286 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:55 pm

Okay, I was just diagnosed a month ago. While I was in the hospital with my attack, the doctors said they thought it was my first attack. After my discharge, I had my appointment at the MS clinic. They then said they didn't know if it was my first attack or second because I had symptoms before that I told them about and they said if that was more than a month before this attack, then it's been two. Well I just saw my family doctor today and got the dates. I didn't realize it went back this far but I remember the symptoms very well.
January/09 - This is when it all started with Lehrmitte's sign. The Lehrmitte's continued until
April - went back to the doctor for the Lehrmitte's sign still
May- The Lehrmitte's sign changed from a tingling down my back when I flexed my neck, to a flick on the top of my feet when I bent my neck. Also my torso started to feel numb. My leg's went a little numb and the Lehrmitte's went away and I was left with just hand numbness and slight numbness in legs until
June - hands were still numb up until June 23rd after a cold virus, my entire body went numb from my neck down. I was hospitalized and given 3 days of IV steroids and then discharged
Now - I have greatly improved since being out of the hospital (walking, strength, etc). Now my left hand is still numb but has improved, my back has a numb/burning feeling and my left leg is still a bit numb/burning, tired feeling. I also have the Lehrmitte's sign back.
My question is, how do I know how many attacks this has been? If I've been experiencing these symptoms since January, could this all be one attack? That seems strange. But with some symptoms like the hand numbess and Lehrmitte's, are they part of a relapse or just MS symptoms that hang around? How do you distinguish a relapse from just lingering symptoms?
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Postby jimmylegs » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:21 pm

for what it's worth, it sounds like 2 attacks to me. (you could up it to 3 if you want to count the l'hermitte's symptom position changing, but personally i wouldn't). as far as i know, having a few leftover issues in between dealing with acute new nonsense is just part of the relapsing remitting tango. some people get to be symptom free between attacks, others get to deal with leftover stuff that doesn't go away, but they're still better than during an attack.
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