Benign MS?

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Re: Benign MS?

Postby JenniferF » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:26 pm

peaches wrote:
He really is hesitant to give me an real diagnosis until I get more MRI's or a spinal tap (although he says lots of MS people do not have anything that show up on a spinal)... he's "OK" on waiting..... have you had any MRI's?

None for MS. Had an MRI of my lumbar spine to rule out disc problems, cancer, anything like that. (All clear on those counts.)

I've been offered the referral several times now to go get some MS-hunting MRI's. At this point I'm waiting.

[I am happy with where I am treatment-wise for now if it is MS. Fully respect people who, given symptoms similar to mine, choose to be more aggressive about a firm diagnosis. But for me, it is not the route I want to take at this time.]

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