Strange Symptoms

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Strange Symptoms

Postby vajkb2 » Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:43 pm

Hello All,

I just ran across this website when I was researching some symptoms I have been having over the past few months. I will give a bit of history first...

I was DX'ed in Nov 2003 with RRMS after a pretty large attack that saw all my limbs and torso go numb. Most of the numbness has subsided but I still have alot of issues with my hands (Really makes typing difficult).

After getting my DX I found that alot of problems I have had over the years were probably because of MS (I have had Terrible Fatigue for many years).

Anyway. About Oct. of last year I started noticing bad ringing in my ears and what I call "Spiders" in my sinus area. I thought it may be attributed to meds (Currently on Amitriptelene(sp?), Zoloft, and Provigil as well as Copaxone). So I worked with my Neuro to get off all meds except for Copaxone and after a month I was more tired than ever + the symptoms seemed to be worse.

So to make this story short I started all my meds again and am living with the problem.

Its really hard for me to describe the feeling. The only time I have ever felt this way before was when I took too much Antihistamine. Over the past few weeks I have noticed involuntary "twiches" on my forehead and eyelids or the feeling that something is crawling on my eyelids. I have also noticed that my teeth have started to chatter (I find myself clenching my teeth alot now).

Has anyone else had these types of symptoms? If so, What have you done to deal with the symptoms.

I have visited a general practitioner, an optometrist, and an ears, nose and throat specialist. All giving me clean bills of health so I am pretty confident that its attributed to MS. My Neuro told me that I am the first he has heard of with these symptoms.

I do have an appt next week at the MS Clinic in Charlottesville. Hopefully I can find some relief there. But I would like to hear from others that have had these problems...

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Postby noddlebean » Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:08 pm

Hi There

Only vaguely have had something similar - whether it was attributed to MS not sure sorry. I had crawling effect up near my hairline on my face - it always felt like I had a bug crawling in my hair :?

Before I was diagnosied I use to suffer from a weird sensation in my groin area around my hips that made me feel like I couldn't keep still and laying in bed was something that drove me insane. It was like muscles couldn't stand being still - Maybe like restless legs but I had it in my hips!!

I can still see myself now sitting in the doctors trying to explain the symptom feeling like a real prat! Then I was dx and I felt that I had an answer, well sort of. MS can do some weird stuff sometimes is all I can say.

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Postby Sharon » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:12 am

Ringing in the ears is not a symptom that most neuros associate with MS, but if you read through some of the postings on this site, you will find there are others who have the same problem. Sarah who posts in the Antibiotic Forum is finally getting relief. Participants in the Vanderbilt study, which is researching the use of antibiotics, also claim to be getting relief from the ringing in the ears. I have had the ringing for over thirty
years - I was DX'd in the summer of 2003!
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