NO relief from Avonex, Saw immediate improvement on Tysabri

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NO relief from Avonex, Saw immediate improvement on Tysabri

Postby mitchmalmstrom » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:20 am


I dont know what to do next. With the recall of Tysabri my state of mind has changed from one of optimism, to one of despair. I was diagnosed with relapsing remmiting MS about 1 1/2 year ago. I started on Avonex, took it for a year durring which I would have pretty regular flare ups, and my MRI's showed more and more gadolinium enhancement. I would get terribly sick every week as well from my avonex (fever, chills, flu like symptoms). So me and my Dr. made the decision to go off Avonex and wait for TYSABRI to be offically released. After my first Tysabri Infusion my symptoms seemed to get better almost immeditally. The pins & needles in my hands stopped , numbness in my feet gradually went away. Things were looking good, heading in the right direction. Now that Tyasbri has been pulled I dont know what to do. I dont want to go back on avonex. And have doubts if any of the other interferons will work. Any suggestions from anyone.
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Postby OddDuck » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:49 am

I'm so sorry. I can only imagine the crushing blow this all feels like to you.

Of course, none of us can really "suggest" anything to you. I'm certain, though, (especially right now with everyone having been sort of blindsided), that your neurologist will proceed expediently to help you in every way possible.

Hang in there! There are other treatments still available that may help you. Your neuro will know best, I'm sure.

Again, I want to somehow express my heartfelt empathy to you. Don't give up! It ain't over yet! :wink:

All the best,

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