your bibliography suggestions

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Postby Sharon » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:01 am


The book just published for PPMS called ""Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis- What You Need to Know" - authors are Dr. Jack Burks, Nancy Holland and Diana Schneider.

I have not read it so cannot give a review. My understanding from Dr. Burks is the book is just about the only one available which deals with PPMS specifically.

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Postby jimmylegs » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:03 am

thanks sharon!
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Postby Lyon » Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:44 pm

jimmylegs wrote:good segment though?

I guess it depends on how interested a person is in diabetes.

Although it's in our family it hasn't affected me personally so I'm not especially interested, although the writer actually has MS so he explains things in an interesting way.

One snippet I found interesting is that I'm used to the terms "juvenile" diabetes and "adult onset" diabetes and to be sure I've also heard the terms "type 1" and "type 2" but I hadn't realized that the terms "juvenile" diabetes and "adult onset" diabetes aren't really considered descriptive anymore. You can get either at any age.

Nah, I was looking for reference to MS or hygiene hypothesis so it wasn't more than a waste of half an hour for me.
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