Dr. Fasano Celiac/Autoimmune Disorder Article

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Dr. Fasano Celiac/Autoimmune Disorder Article

Postby patientx » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:15 pm

I believe Alessio Fasano's work with Zonulin was discussed here years ago. He had an article in the August 09 issue of Scientific American about his work:

celiac article

Though it only mentions MS, it was interesting nonetheless.
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Postby shye » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:58 pm

Thanks patientx,
had read this in my Dentist's office, and meant to then download to my computer, but forgot. Now it's done!
Is a good article--
I show allergic to gluten and gliadan in lab tests, but when an endoscopy was done, I had been off wheat etc, for a number of months, so dr said not celiac!! Even I knew better--but not willing to undergo another endoscopy--enough to know I get all the symptoms from grains.
Unfortunately, all my life got these symptoms, and dealt with bad drs--it's all in your head etc. Never even raised the possiblilty of allergies or celiac. Am sure the prolonged span of eating all the stuff allergic to for years contributed to the MS.
Have really learned tht we do have to be our own diagnosticians, and then fight for the tests.

And when I read this back in August, the idea of using hookworms to alter immune response was novel to me, and repulsive. But since then, have seen number of references to it, and have read a bit on it. Still repulsive, but now more comfortable with it--who knows, if the trials show works fantastically...(mentioned it to my osteopath, and she shuddered and said that was one alternative therapy she would NOT help me with, 8O and she is very open...)
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