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true story

Postby Xenova » Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:26 pm

So, like I begged and whined to my company that I really wanted a fancy PDA/phone. I thought it would help me keep track of things and deal with my MS shortcomings. At first, they gave me an old one, a Treo 300. I liked it okay but the funny thing is that one day I left it on top of the van when I was putting my kids into the van. I confessed to my company what happened with my tail between my legs.

I held off a few months and then started dropping hints again. After a few weeks, they found a newer model, a Treo 600. I was thinking like this is all I needed. A device to make phone calls, browse the internet, keep lists, and set up reminders. My MS mind needed this.

A few weeks pass and as I was getting out of my vehicle, I dropped this Treo in a glass of water situated in the console. I froze until I snapped out of it. After drying it off and a few days of rest, it recovered functionality but not 100%. This is like me and my last excacerbation.

I waited a few months and started whining again. I said that this phone is causing me fits and I was sure why. It might be a malfunction. So, after some maneuvering, I finally got approval for a new phone. This time, they got me the latest model, a Treo 650. I was blown away by it. But, lo and behold, when I was returning from lunch the same day I got this Treo, I was getting out of my vehicle and I heard a splash. I looked and yes this Treo was sitting in a cup of water. I freaked out before pulling it out of the cup. I had all kinds of thoughts of what I was going to do including paying $600 to get a new one although I would have been as emabarrassed as possible. I got a can of air and sprayed it nightly for four days until finally it was back to 100%.

I don't know if the moral of this story is not to lie, whine, or complain. I certainly don't condone that now that I learned a few lessons. Anyway, I now find this story funny and I laugh at what this disease does to us on the outside. I no longer keep a cup of water in the console and I bought the toughest case available. I hope and pray this is the end of the saga.
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