zack wahls: my two moms

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zack wahls: my two moms

Postby jimmylegs » Fri May 04, 2012 6:00 pm

having a good laugh at myself right now.

just watched a pvr'd 'daily show', guest zack wahls, re his book 'my two moms'. i'm never sure if i'll watch all through the guest segment at the end, but i watch the start at least, to see what it's about

so this guest is zack wahls. 'oh wahls, like terri wahls, interesting' i think to myself

guest talks about his two moms, terry and jackie, and i don't put it together.

then he talks about learning about trustworthiness and loyalty etc from his moms, like for instance how jackie didn't leave when terry got dx'd with ms. i still haven't clued in. i'm thinking, oh, i wonder if this terry mom is on the forum?

camera pans to family members in audience. and, at last, the penny drops, finally: one of his moms is dr. terri wahls.
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