I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

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I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby Fayruz » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:02 pm

I have a story to share with you... just after I was diagnosed (two years) and of course thinking about MS all the time I woke up one morning and at the second I opened my eyes there was a flash of bright light (in the middle of winter). Through my mind went just one thought...no, not the eyes too! So I lay there thinking fora second and then thunder...I just laughed at myself so much. We rarely have thunderstorms here during winter and because of me thinking only about ms that was the first thing that popped to my mind...well not everything is about me I guess :lol:

The second thing happened yesterday, I had a friend over and we were just chatting and I told her that I'm kinda cold and shivery and that I am a bit worried...so she says, well yeah it is kinda cold in here or at least colder than you used to have...and then I realized that we have a cold spell and I forgot to turn the heating up. :mrgreen:
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Re: I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby amberfer » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:57 pm

I laughed so hard at your first story! So funny because I can relate. Oh my gosh, I do such similar things! Every little thing that happens, I'm like "Great, there go my eyes" or "I think I'm losing my memory now." And while I know I need to take these concerns seriously, I can chalk a lot of it up to paranoia! I keep emailing my doctor things like, "Is this related to my MS? Is that?" and she's always careful to say, "Well, it might be...but it probably isn't."
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Re: I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby Fayruz » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:26 am

As long as we can laugh at ourselves... :)
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Re: I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby Youarethecure » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:06 pm

haha that first one is funny. I am young and new to this craaaap but I already see my self blaming everything on ms. I don't think this is the case a lot of the time.

Now, that being said I have done my FAIR share of really really really stooopid things that leave me with nothing to do but laugh. For example, at work I had to dump a container out that had a little tomato water/juice left in it. So I go to dump it into the trash and thought no I will do it in the sink instead. The sink was directly to my left and the garbage to my right as I switch from the garbage to the sink I for some reason ended up deciding (without thinking) to dump it onto the floor right in between the two spots :-D

I always say after these lovely brain farts, if you cant laugh at yourself then you cant laugh at anything. I also enjoy when I get the nice dizzy unbalanced spells where I have to regain my center lol.

my doctor said my brain is in the condition of an average 45 to 50 year old man......... yet I am only 25. I can relate to this because I see my dad who is 63 having brain farts and issues all the time. It is what it is, might as well take enjoyment from it !
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Re: I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby mia72797 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:22 am

This ever happen to anyone else??

Sometimes, I tell someone something at happened to me on any given day and then I forget I already told them and end up telling them again??? Its so embarrassing but I really just don't remember.

They sent me to OT/PT and when I get there the lady does a battery of tests and then she says " So how long have you had cognitive issues?
" So I answered- the truth is I didn't know I had any until I walked in here"

They made me feel like such a basketcase. Honestly, there are plenty of little details that are simply not important enough for me to remember... like what I had for dinner yesterday. I just assumed it was normal for a mother of 3 who works fulltime and comes home to cooking cleaning and homework. When its all said and done I don't sleep I slip into a coma until I do it all the next day.

So now when I have an episode- I just tell people- relax it must be my ms.... if I already told you this story. then can you tell me again before I change the ending. jajaja

Or I say you are even lucky that you are important enough for me to remember your face and your name....

Try to joke about it- cause crying really doesn't make it better....
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Re: I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

Postby Bknuls » Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:12 am

Hi there I am new here but I had a good laugh at all of the above posts and thought it would be rude to not share something too

So I've recently have had to alternate between two different cars, one being manual and has indicators on the right and the other is auto and indicator is on the left.
I feel at this point that there is almost no point in me trying to indicate anymore putting on the windscreen wipers no matter what I need to do. So embarrassing. I'd hate to think what everyone thinks in my street. :)
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