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Postby mscrony » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:07 pm

Here is a story relayed to me from someone I know who works in retirement facility. I am sharing because we have gotten so many laughs from the story I share it at every opportunity!

(names changed)

"Help! Help!, said 90 year old Mary Sue.
"what's wrong Mary Sue?, said the health aide.
"What's this?" said Mary Sue as she pointed to her lower leg at the same time she is lifting it up into the air.
"Mary Sue, that is dry skin" said the health aide.
"Drysin! Oh no! Drysin, What's Drysin!" Said Mary Sue.
"DRY SKIN" the health aide said slowly.
"Oh, am I going to die of Drysin?" asked Mary Sue.
"Yes" the health aide replied.
"Oh, okay" Mary Sue answered and quietly walked away.

It has been a nice reminder to take life a little less seriously.
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