Hi All! New to this site and dx. Sept 2009 with RRMS

New members should feel free to introduce themselves here

Hi All! New to this site and dx. Sept 2009 with RRMS

Postby Oggel » Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:48 am

Hi everyone,

It's nice to see support for Ms'ers here. I am newly diagnosed with RRMS and was taking Rebif for a few months, however, it caused my liver enzymes to be dangerously elevated so I had to discontinue use. I am currently not taking any DMT and am off work as I am so fatigued, I can barely move out of my own way. I have tried Modafinil and amantadine with no positive results. Any ideas on what has worked for you?

I live in York Region, more specifically, Markham and really do not have any people in my life with MS who understand what it is I am experiencing. I would love to meet more people in my area to chat with.

I am very interested in CCSVI and the liberation treatment, however, my neuro has poopooed the whole idea. I have read here that some people had had the ultra sound and doppler done close to where I live. Would you please send me the information on who is actually doing it?

Thank you for any support and advise....

Have a wonderful day,
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Postby DM » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:47 pm


I am not in your immediate area but I do reside in Ottawa. I was Dxd in July 2007 and have been on a clinical trial of Teriflunomide. I am currently on the extended study, so I am on the real thing.

I have no affects whatsoever with the drug, or the MS, other than I do get tired at times, and my hair is thinning.

I am not at a stage that the CCSVI would be of interest, having an EDSS score of 1-1.5. My MS doctor also rejects CCSVI as well.

Welcome to the site, and there are many Canadians that are members here.
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Postby gymbuff » Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:10 am

I would reccommend Tysabri as it improved my stamina and therfore less fatigue but what suits one doen't suit everyone as contributors to this website will show you.
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Postby Husker48 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:22 am


I too have had a really hard time with fatigue. My Dr tried to get me on provigil but the ins denied it. She has recently put me on Ritalin for the time being til I can do a sleep study. It seems to be working somewhat. As long as I stay busy its fine but as soon as I sit to rest I just wanna go to sleep again. Let me know if you find anything else that works.

I am not from your area but know that there is lots of good help out there. My local MS society chapter has been really helpful along with my Dr office.

Good luck with everything and its nice to know you can always talk to us for help.

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