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I'm New Here

Postby mamart59 » Thu Apr 21, 2005 4:08 pm

hello to all.....i found this site from one of your other members....daunted.

this is only the second ms board i have joined, and have found an awful lot of useful info here.

i am dx rrms one year this june. i suspect i have had ms since i was 30 when i had a demylinating event during the second trimester of my first pregnancy. not wanting to mess with the baby i just ignored it and things subsided until i had an attack last spring. (there were probably small things that in retrospect i ignored for 15 years)

i am on a benign course according to my neuro, and do feel fortunate that i have not had as many problems as so many others. yes i know how bad they can be..i grew up with a dad who has ms and was in a wheelchair by the time i was 11 or 12. he was dx before i was born in 1959, so things have come a long way since then.

i have multiple small foci on my brain and 3 lesions on my spine. i also have an abnormal vep for my right eye. (yippy...just what someone with an art background wants to hear)

i am a bad typer (never use the cap key..lol) and am not the brightest bulb on the block with all the medical jargon, but am trying to learn.

the reason i have registered here is so i can follow all the info on the folks trying antibiotics. i failed on copaxone (severe reaction..day 10 injection i passed out and my daughter found me crumpled up on the bathroom floor, plus i was losing motor co-ordination on my left side). i was then signed up for tysarbri, but it was pulled 2 weeks before my first infusion.

after having 2 teeth extracted i was given amoxicillin to prevent infection. i did great so only used 48 hours worth. after a very hectic schedule with my kids and moving i found my self getting a sinuse infection, so i finished the 10 days i had left.

it was a eureka moment. all the numbness left my hands and feet and has not returned for 1 month now. my fatigue is also not as bad as it was. i still have alot of fatigue, dizzyness/vertigo, jello legs, depression, etc...all stuff you guys have heard before. everyday is a new adventure.

so that is my very long story on why i am so interested in the vanderbilt protocol. i figure its worth a try as i am dead set against going on an interferon. call it gut instinct, or just that when my dads neuro put him on betaseron about 6 years ago i watched it knock one whole side of him out and we had to put him in a nursing home. its just burned into my memory circuits.

i appreciate all the information here....it's really helpful.
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Postby Arron » Thu Apr 21, 2005 5:25 pm

hey hey, welcome to the site! glad to have you with us.
Disclaimer: Any information you find on this site should not be considered medical advice. All decisions should be made with the consent of your doctor, otherwise you are at your own risk.
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