Van BC boy and newb

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Van BC boy and newb

Postby mercy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:39 pm

Fantastic! I am wondering how this site escaped my radar, i am pretty pro-active in my search of all things MS. Oh well, better late than never, yes?
ME : Male with MS, secondary-progressive, great outlook in general as i refuse to let it bring me down, moral-wise. I see it this way : all evidence i have so far suggests that although i do have MS and it is hard and painful and a total detriment to a normal life, there is many more whose MS is worse than mine. Of course there are many better than myself, but how can you begrudge someone that? You can`t and should`nt. I live with the philosophy that suffering is such a personal journey, you can`t hold it against others that it may be less than yours. In their mind and experience that suffering is all they know/comprehend, so in their experience it is as great as yours. It`s all relative are my thoughts. Therefore i refrain from the statements of the " i have it worse than you " variety. Self-pity is a selfish affair and an exercise in negativity.
But that`s me, and i won`t critisize you if that`s your coping mechanisms, i just choose a different approach.
I am a musician(singer/songwriter) and actually made a living playing in bar bands until the MS dictated i could physically fulfill my obligations no longer. That was lke 8 years ago.
Bonus is that it opened up the door for myself to pursue my songwriting and have produced 4 original cd`s of music that i have wrote and produced, and just finished my latest full length cd that i have posted on myspace page. I appreciate all who care to go give it a listen, i really just put it up. And you can see that it`s pretty good for a gimp(self-deprication is one of MY coping mechanisms,hehe).
One thing i want an opinion on, and a bit of an icebreaker. Does anyone sense the need for a singles MS dating resource? And i don`t mean, which i think is a scam. The reason for my interest is that i am single, and have formed the opinion it would be nice to meet someone else who could mutually understand and share in the journey of this abominog that is MS. And as stats show that women are 2X the diagnosed than men, that should suggest that there should be some available gals for us guys to connect with, no?
It`s not my main MO, i don`t want to scare away potential friends cause they think that is my main directive. But while we are all at the same table why not put it out there. ? hehehe
Well, before this gets anymore wordy i shall leave it at that.Hope to engage with my fellow MSers soon!
Thanx............................. Mercy 8)
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