seeking best open-minded MS neuro in Boston

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seeking best open-minded MS neuro in Boston

Postby annebird » Wed Jun 29, 2005 9:15 pm

hi! thanks for this site. Dx 2002 by optic neuritis plus MRI. Live in W. Mass but can't seem to find good neuro out here (do you all know of any?) Most people travel 2 hrs east to Boston. My pcp doesn't know anyone out that way. Friends did internet searches for me for names but feel like I'm fishing blind (o, my vision is completely back, btw :) I've been hesitant to really involve myself in ms support grps, i'm more into the holistic healing thing, and so far the support gps I've interviewd on phone appear more allopathically inclined. Met one friend, who is also an energy hearler, who was clinically dx'd by MRI and having lost legs for a period but now her MRIs are nearly clear and she's working with studies out of UCLA re "continuum" practice. Anyway, perfect would be an MS researcher/doc who's open to the naturopathic studies (are there any?) Heading out to meet Dr. Marion Stein of Deaconess Hosp (I think?!) next week for hour long interview. Any btdt's would be so appreciated. Nice to meet you all.
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