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Postby LisaMG » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:55 pm

Hello everyone! I have not been diagnosed with MS although my primary physician did mention it as possibly something we needed to look into about a year ago. Not knowing then that possible MS symptoms come and go, I did not pursue any further until now. The past several weeks the symptoms have come back stronger...I had blood tests done a couple weeks ago to test B12, thyroid and a host of other things ...these came back "normal".

About 7 years ago, my left lower leg started hurting horribly - right around the shin area. Went to dr and had an ultrasound done but nothing showed. I accepted it as "one of those things"! As a child / teenager, I remember always feeling as though I could not get enough air into my lungs - I'd take deep breaths, but always felt as though I could not breathe deep enough...sounds crazy, I know but it has come back recently.

Have had left leg pain off and on throughout; but about 5 years ago, I had problems with tingling and numbness in my left arm, hand, leg and foot. Also get migraines. During a couple of migraine episodes, one side of my face felt as though it was drooping. Dr says she gets this too from migraines.

The pains have always come and gone but lately when they come, it is much, much worse. My upper arms feel as though someone has punched me. My daughter can joke around with me and poke me and it feels as though she used her fist! My upper arms get tired and weak really quick. I have balance issues - can be standing in one spot and almost fall down for no apparent reason. My short-term memory is a joke and I have problems thinking of the right words. Things like this happen quite often and my kids usually finish my sentences for me. I have on occasion, muscle spasms in my chest and in my foot. The back of my hands and upper arms will go through times of itching badly with no rash or anything there.

I did have shingles several months ago. It was caught before it broke out full force on my head and face. Also I find bruises on myself and have no idea how they got there. Woke one morning and my hand looked as though it was bruised but it went away within a few minutes.

The skin on the back of my neck stays numb. I started about a month ago keeping a journal of symptoms and took this to my GP. As soon as she read, she said it sounded like MS to her and this is when we did the blood tests to start simple. Now they are waiting on me to ok scheduling the MRI.

Sorry this is so long and thanks for reading!

Any input / comments / suggestions are more than welcome!

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Postby ppicklee » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:05 pm

Welcome Lisa. It looks like you are getting some very good medical attention. MRIs do not hurt, they are only hard if you are claustrophobic. Other than that... no problem. It might be a good way to set your mind at ease. Like I said, welcome.
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Postby Bubba » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:00 am

LisaMG wrote:
I started about a month ago keeping a journal of symptoms

Welcome Lisa! In my opinion, there are several conditions in wich those symptom may occur... Have you had any MRI's or an LP? Since your doctor mentioned MS, I would hope that he/she is lining up some MRI's and/or a lumbar puncture. That would definately narrow down the field of dx"s. Have you been to see a neurologist? Either rate, keeping a journal is a very smart move onyour part. Then you have something to show the neuro.
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Postby LisaMG » Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:30 am

Thanks for the welcome.

I have not had an MRI yet but soon.

Bubba - what conditions come to mind with my symptoms?

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