I don't think I've introduced myself

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I don't think I've introduced myself

Postby Bender » Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:03 pm

Hey I'm Bender.

I have MS (clearly) not very progressive seemingly, but I am pretty sure it's what was behind when I was diagnosed with "sever restless leg" a few years ago.

I was diagnosed in November my first symptom was double vision in my left field of vision that started in April or May. The day after I was diagnosed my pallet went... tasteless. I could still feel it but couldn't taste anything. Thankfully both symptoms resolved after a run of steroids (it took awhile to get my taste back you guys may remember me asking on here how long that took to work) and I've had no new symptoms since starting copaxone.

My biggest symptoms seem to be jimmylegs and neuropathy, the latter is responding very well to Neurontin (I honestly didn't realize how much pain I had been in till the first day I was up to my full dose, it was amazing! only the parts of me that I have injuries hurt, well and a finger I'm pretty sure was sprained, unfortunately that was a good day and on bad days I still have some, but not as bad, pain in my legs)

Also frankly I thin I've had MS for years and year (like I said i was diagnosed with sever restless leg 7 years ago) and I honestly think part of why I didn't have symptoms that rose to the level where I got diagnosed is because I've spent my entire adult life smoking a lot of small trees. I'm currently looking for an alternative that manages the symptoms the neurontin doesn't get. (I get this nebulous ickyness I have trouble quantifying) because I used to smoke cigarettes and haven't given my lungs a chance to fully heal from that, and I figure now that I know the root of my pain and ickyness maybe I can manage it well enough to stop poking smot.

I'm currently trying to get back into the corporate world, having given up my dog walking business since I can't do the summers, and having given up cooking because as they say if you can't take the heat... I hate the idea of going back to sitting in a box but it's healthier for me.

anyway, hi!
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Postby koopico » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:07 pm

Hi Bender! Sorry for the late response- I just saw your post!
Welcome! Hope you find some good info here!
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