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Postby greenmtns » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:25 pm

Hello. Love the site! I am from Vermont and I was dx'd in August 2010 with rrms. Things for me I guess have been pretty mild so far (keeping fingers crossed). I am the single income provider for my spouse and 2 wonderful and active toddlers. This disease has got me unbelievable scared of what the future may hold for me and my familty. I have been surfing this site for the past few days and have found some great stuff. People here really do thier homework and find things on the net I could never dream of finding. I am somewhat comforted by the amount of drugs and research that is going on.

I will let you guys know how it all went down for me. ( popping in ears and ringing in the right one since 07)Oct 09- left side of my face went numb for 3 days. I went to the ER because I had headaches with it. Mass was found on the left side of my brain in the center of the lobe. Then Neuro did MRI and did not know what it was. Neuro didn't think it was MS and it was the size of a quarter. 3 Months later it was 5mm. 6 month MRI showed 2 new lesions and lesions on my brain stem. Dx'd that day for MS, feet went numb due to a Tetnus shot from stepping on a nail too. Feb 2011 MRI show no lesions on Brain stem and reduction of about a 1/3 on the two new lesions. In the past month I have been been getting a small vibration in my left leg, few cramps in the feet and upper forearms are super tired. Fatigue is not too much of an issue yet and sleep is hard to find. I am using Copaxone without too many problems. I also compliment it with homeopathic supplements and deflamitories.

Well I will be surfing here quite alot from now on.
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