24 year old- Not yet diagnosed

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24 year old- Not yet diagnosed

Postby RBC187 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:17 am

Hi Everyone,

Allow me to give you all a bit of a background of myself. Well, I'm 24 years old and from Pennsylvania. I've been having neurological issues for a few years now but nothing pointing towards MS in particular until recently (as in a year and half ago). In 2008, due to pain I was enduring for a few years in my right leg, I decided to get it checked out by my family doctor which eventually ended up me receiving an EMG and MRI in my lower back. From that I found out I have some nerve damage in the lower right side of my back due to having Degenerative Disc Disease. Now skipping forward to 2010, one afternoon upon getting out of bed my right leg completely lost all mobility and collapsed right underneath me which lead me to consequently hitting my head in wall. After a few seconds my leg began to gain mobility again and I had no issues since that but because it was very alarming I decided to take a trip to the family doctor. After being examined by my family doctor, she said this could be a sign of MS but before sending me out to get tested she told me to just see if this issue reoccurs. Well taking the doctor's orders, I went home and had no problems with the leg (besides having a few ligaments buckle in back of my knee) up until recently. As of this past month my right hand and my right foot have been having the tingling, prickling sensation quite often (as often as about 75% of my day). It's even become a bit bothersome but nothing debilitating. I've also noticed some speech and memory issues I've been having lately, especially when it comes to recalling words. I haven't had any notable vision issues but a lot of what might be considered having blurriness in one eye, I've dismissed with having worn contacts. Anywho, I have made an appointment with my doctor for next Thursday and am expecting to go for an MRI in the near future. I do not want to be jumping the gun but could my symptoms directly pinpoint to MS - especially at my age? I'm a bit nervous and really don't know what to think. My foot and hand are numbing as I type with this strange warm sensation (which is eventually relieved by a cooling sensation).
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Postby mrbarlow » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:39 am

Hope it works out for you but your sensory symptoms sound very much like my own.

As a precaution I would recommend you get on high dose Vit D - 4000iu ballpark figure. Omega 3 supplements and a good multivitamin.

Diet - lots of fish and chicken, veg, nuts and fruit. Cut down on wheat, sugar and dairy.

Stop smoking if you do.

Good advice for anyone but if your are MS territory this approach will likely minimise any damage / progression
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