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Postby myree » Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:18 am

Hi to all,
im not yet diagnosed, but doctor suspects I have ms.
I have alot of symptoms from foggy brain trouble concentrating, fatigue, heat affects me terribly, memory problems, at times trouble finding my words, lots of muscle twitches, spasms and knots, clumbsyness, trouble with emptying bladder, there are more but having trouble thinking of em...lol
but the 1 that concerns me the most is these spells I have where i lose conciousness, the last 1 really scared the heck out of my husband. After I have 1 of these it takes me at least a few days to a couple of weeks to start feeling better. Since this last 1 im still not 100%. The last 1 was on June 1st my 40th bday. Anyone else have these type of spells with ms?
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Postby koopico » Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:02 pm

Hi Myree--and welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry about the issues you're having--there are so many potential symptoms with MS, that just about anything--including what you're experiencing--is possible.

Are you seeing a neurologist for this? Maybe a second opinion would be a good idea.

I hope you're feeling better soon, and while I hope you don't have MS, I know it's worse to not know what's going on!

I wish you all the best--take care!

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