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95% Sure

Postby KyleW » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:57 am

Hi - I'm new here and new to MS, well at least I thought I was I'm a 51 YO guy in NYC. Based on MRI's of my brain and spine, and her examination of me, my neuro is 95% sure I have MS. Both my head and back MRI's show both old and new lesions. Her exam confirmed, among other things, pretty pronounced ataxia. I also have rather annoying double vision. She attributes the double vision to the lesions in my head and my inability to walk a straight line to those on my cervical spine. I also tire very easily and the heat/sunlight combo is not my friend.

The not as new to MS as I thought relates to what I thought was an isolated incident 20 years ago. I lost topical sensation in my legs and lost all feeling in my feet. The docs couldn't figure out what the problem was and finally settled on a Guillan Barre variant. The symptoms went away and I never gave it another thought. 18 years later I had an itching sensation over my neck and shoulders that I could not make go away. No creams no amount of scratching, nothing would work. I also started walking like I had been over served at the local tap room. I would literally bounce off walls. I had had my hip replaced 8 months before and thought it was related to that, so I went to see the hip doc. He couldn't find anything and eventually the symptoms went away.

Fast forward to the beginning of July. My legs started to feel like they weighed 400 LBS apiece. I noticed I was catching toes and scraping heels when I walked. I have about a 3/4 mile walk to the subway in the morning and it was taking every bit of energy I had. After about 3 weeks of this the double vision kicked in. I went to my PCP who told me I needed to see a neuro. I saw her last Thursday. In addition to the earlier stuff, she is convinced that The episodes 20 and 2 years ago were MS and that is backed up by older, inactive lesions that showed up.

Anyway, that's my story. I have lots to learn and look forward everyone's insight.
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Re: 95% Sure

Postby saminOR » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:40 pm

Hi Kyle,
I'm new here too and probably a little newer to MS, but think it's been around awhile for me also. Interestingly, the neurologist I saw 2 weeks ago has told me he is 95% sure I have MS too. After ending up in the ER due to difficulty speaking and loss of ability to write in my right hand, they did an MRI which showed 13 old and a large new lesion primarily all located in the left side of my brain. After further discussion, I realized the incontinence I had been attributing to 'getting old' and having had my daughter, the tendonitis my PCP said was from all my computer work and driving, the inability to 'wake up' my sleepy leg several weeks ago, the difficulty staying on task/putting things in the cupboard that went in the fridge/inability to remember what I just stood up to do all being attributed in my own head to being stressed/needing to 'slow down'....maybe actually was something else...like something to do with these white blotches on the MRI pictures the Doc was showing me.
Needless to say, the acceptance part of this is here, but now the living with it part and what to do next part are...ugh...overwhelming. Fortunately, there is soooo much information and support available, I am thankful and optimistic.
So, curious....the Doc told me I could have a spinal tap regarding the other 5%, but I'm not too keen on that idea and feel 95% is pretty darn convincing. What about you? Do you feel the same?

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