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Hello all

Postby Pastryrocks » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:05 am


This past summer (2011) I was diagnosed with RRMS. Since January of 2011 I’ve been having a great deal of issues with energy, bathroom issues (going too much @ one end and not enough @ the other), tingling in my feet, and walking very oddly. Then this past spring I fell down a flight of stairs which began my journey into the world of MS. After seeing a neurologist he then pushed for a MRI, which only took about two weeks to get into. The MRI did show a few lesions and then the other test, by the second neurologist, so-called ‘MS specialist’, had me checked to see how long it takes info to travel from my feet/hands to my brain or visa-versa, and also a spinal tap all confirmed that I do indeed have MS.

Unsure how long I have had MS, I assume since my feet have been tingling since I was about 42 years of age, if so then I have had MS for the past five years. I have seen many different doctors for the tingling in my feet, and none ever thought that it could be MS except for the Naturopathic doctor I’ve been seeing for the past six years or so. She has done acupuncture for the tingling in my feet and has helped, but of course because our health care system here in Ontario is so ‘free’, a Naturopathic can’t order a MRI unless you pay cash. Since all Doctors won’t take the advice of a Naturopathic doctor, it is very difficult unless you are rich to get the help that I have need for a number of years. I’ve yet to win a lottery, so I had to wait for the fall to finally get the MRI.

I’m now seeing a ‘MS specialist’ who of course is not at all interested in what I and the Naturopathic doctor have been doing. At first I was going for acupuncture twice a week for about a month. The acupuncture seems to help, at first I had a hard time walking with a cane, then after about 4-6 sessions I was walking without the cane. Now I go weekly for acupuncture and I now no longer have any tingling in my feet or hands, I also seem to think much clearer, no longer mumble, and the energy is much better, and thankfully I’m much better with the bathroom issues.

The ‘MS specialist’ has given me a choice as what to take. I can choose from taking Copaxone, Rebif, Betaseron, and Avomex. Since the first neurologist that did the MRI said that “I would more than likely have two good months and two bad months” I’ve decided to wait until I have a relapse to begin one of those drugs. It’s been more than a few months since I’ve been that bad, which I assume is because of the Naturopathic doctor doing her acupuncture weekly. And of course going on an anti-Inflammatory diet, no red meat, no dairy, no wheat, etc… I’ve not only lost some weight, but am looking and doing much better.

The anti-Inflammatory diet may not help directly with the MS, however, it will do me some good, which can’t hurt the MS. Despite that I know my way around the kitchen; I’ve done rather well sticking to the diet. I do miss cream in my decaf and also eating chocolate, however, if it helps me to walk or walk longer, then so be it. The ‘MS specialist’ told me to take vitamin D and did not say anything about diet or about Dr. Swank’s diet. I believe that Swank and the ‘MS specialist’ are of the same ilk, however, nothing was suggested regarding diet. The only thing the ‘MS specialist’ was interested in was prescribe drugs that I am taking. He was of course quite surprised that I was taking none. An overweight late 40’s male not taking any prescriptions I assume is an oddity.

Anyway, here I am a little worse for the wear and tear from the MS. But full of vinegar and pee and ready to fight this MS.
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Re: Hello all

Postby jimmylegs » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:46 am

welcome to TIMS! glad to welcome a fighter on board.
take control of your own health
pursue optimal self care at least as actively as a diagnosis
ask for referrals to preventive health care specialists eg dietitians
don't let suboptimal self care muddy any underlying diagnostic picture!
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Re: Hello all

Postby want2bike » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:32 pm

Dr. Swank had success with his diet for 50 years. There is no money in diet so doubt if the medical establishment will mention it. I my country doctors are the third leading cause of death. Make sure you get all the information before you let them put you on drugs.

http://www.healingdaily.com/Doctors-Are ... the-US.htm

http://www.healingdaily.com/conditions/ ... panies.htm

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