Not yet diagnosed...anxious...

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Not yet diagnosed...anxious...

Postby Manda2784 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:52 am

Hello everyone! I'm a little anxious and just looking for some support during this time. I haven't been diagnosed, but in my gut I feel like this might be a real possibility for me.

My symptoms started last fall. I was tingly all over my body for a few weeks. At the time, I chalked it up to a bad reaction from the flu vaccine, but now I'm not so sure. This past summer I had a leg cramp in my right leg that would not go away. I had it for about 2 weeks. Now for the past three weeks or so, the tingles are back. Mostly in my left hand and both of my feet, sometimes traveling to my arms and legs. I usually notice it most in the morning. I'll wake up and my hands will be asleep. I put my feet on the floor and the tingling will be numbing for a moment. To add, I've also been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, where my primary symptom is pelvic pain. Not sure how much that has to do with anything, but I'm starting to wonder if all these symptoms aren't connected...

Anyways, my primary care physician gave me a slew of blood tests and everything came back fine. He then directed me to an allergist but, I'm a speech therapist. I've taken neuroscience classes. I know that what I'm feeling is neurological. So I made a neurology appointment instead for this coming Monday.

Of course, as luck would have it, about a month and a half ago I met a great guy. We are currently in the beginning stage of dating. I don't want to burden him with my health problems. I want him to stick around and I fear that if something truly is seriously wrong with me, he'll leave.

I just need some words of wisdom. Insight. Positive thoughts. I'm trying my best to stay positive, but of course as everyone knows, it's not that easy all of the time.

Thank you for your time,
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Re: Not yet diagnosed...anxious...

Postby NHE » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:25 am

Hi Amanda,
Welcome to ThisIsMS. I hope that you find a supportive community here. Regarding your question, try doing a search of the forums for dating or relationships. You should be able to find several threads were people have discussed these things before.

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