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Re: Dx 8.28.11 Now Stepping Out To Explore/Learn

Postby Serena42 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:52 am

Kinda butting in here but some years ago I helped a friend of mine who was a state trooper with bloodhound trailing. I remember coming out of the woods and they were covered in ticks but don't remember if I was ever bitten. I ended up getting a dry scaly patch on my chest that looked like a ringworm. My entire back broke out in a red itchy rash which the doc at the time diagnosed as this:


I was given cream for the itching which didn't help at all. Doc said no other med would help and I had to let it run it's course. I went back to the doc because I couldn't stand the itching any longer. He gave me an antibiotic and tada! It went away. Could this have possibly been from a tick bite? How long could lyme disease linger in the body undetected before symptoms manifest?

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Re: Dx 8.28.11 Now Stepping Out To Explore/Learn

Postby SpringsJessica » Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:29 am

Hi Dave, Yes we are in a small club. Not one I want to be in either. :( My brother and I live 2K miles apart, but plan on visiting more regularly and without our significant others so we can lean on one another for support.

Incidently, I went of the copaxone for 6 days. Within 4 I had lost some language function, my hands felt like they had rubber bands around the wrists, the itching started again on my stomach, and I was so exhausted at the end of the day I was in bed at 7:30 with the lights out. I started back on copaxone last night. I have to say (and maybe this was a lesson I needed to learn) the copaxone was working for me, despite how bad the injections hurt and the bruising I'm left with week after week, I want to maintain as much healthy functioning as possible for as long as possible.
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