MS and Pain Meds

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MS and Pain Meds

Postby motorman » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:11 am

Hi all...Im new here but glad I found this site...I was diagnosed in March 2010 and have been living the rollercoaster ride we all live...Ive been talking with people that cant get the proper pain managment from their doctors. I have had no problem with this, I have 2 very supportive Docs that understand that I cant get out of bed or function well without pain medication on some days. But more and more people I talk to online that are diagnosed cant get help,some dont need it but some do......What the **** is this about???I know there is a major abuse of drugs in this country but come on.....The side affects i suffer from Rebif alone are bad enough that I can barely walk without them somedays. I was in the ICU for 2 weeks when I was first diagnosed and couldnt have made it through once I got out of the hospital without the proper pain medication...I also talk to nurses at MS lifelines who tell me they have to support people who cant get them and have to suffer....Does anyone else have this problem??? If so Im sorry u have to go through this..........All the best.J
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Re: MS and Pain Meds

Postby Froggie » Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:30 pm

Welcome motorman! Sorry to hear of your pain struggles. At least you have physicians that are on your side. From my experience, it was the insurance companies that tend to muck up the works. A friend w/ MS suffers with Trigeminal neuralgia and has a difficult time knocking down the pain. I have sacroiliac pain myself that at times makes getting to sleep difficult. I'm currently not taking anything for it, as it tends to come and go. I really need to get it checked out, as I'm not sure if it's MS related or a result of an old sports injury. I'm also very sensitive to pain medications and don't tolerate them well.

Have you ever had a physical or occupational therapist look at how you're walking/moving? Sometimes how you walk or even do things like sitting can contribute to the pain quotient. When I was first diagnosed three years ago, my vision was terrible and getting around was difficult. I did a short PT stint to help me re-learn to walk. My gait is much better, though I still stumble and trip frequently. You may also want to investigate alternative therapies like acupuncture, which is supposed to very good for pain management. No need for you to suffer with it! Best of luck to you.
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