Hi, I'm new to forums but not MS

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Hi, I'm new to forums but not MS

Postby kel2sy » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:30 am

I got diagnosed in June 2011 and i can say its been a tough road to travel on. Now that i have found so many ppl that have MS like me it helps with the isolation feeling. Think the site is great. I have the relapsing remitting MS. Taken since 14 to get this diagnosis and now i'm about to turn 23. I quikly went from being ok to having attacks all the time. Dr. then put me on Rebif in the rebi smart format in Dec. Just came off of that a month ago found it did nothing but make life misrable.

I am going the vitamins and supplements with diet of gluten free, low diary and low sugar intake. Going well wondering how others are managing with the same lifestyle. Also sping is here and the heat sensitivity is already killing me. I know about the whole stay in shade and stay hydrated but what do you guys do for some relief. My family has a lake lot so i'm outside alot!

I really appreciate any input.
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Re: Hi, I'm new to forums but not MS

Postby shaight » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:24 pm

yes, many many ppl have ms and it seems to effect everyone differently.

i was on avonex and it did not work. my neuro wanted me to try copaxone...which i am willing to give a shot and am in the process of switching. but, at the same time i have been eating whole foods and taking supplements all along. it really has not worked for me, but it does work for others. i was diagnosed a yr ago and have progressed 'more than average' according to my ms neuro. i am much older than u at 44, so i am pursuing HSCT w/ dr burt. u need to give everything some time and effort and see where it leads. you are young so you have time. fight it! good luck!
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