I like this Forum because...

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I like this Forum because...

Postby SpectrumFL » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:54 am

I see a lot of researching, and asking questions, and getting answers. On supplements. Treatments. New drugs. Etc. I have run into some "poo poo" ing on other communities because I am heavily involved in this type of research for my own pending diagnosis. I enjoy learning and empowering myself and staying on top of actively fighting something. I can't think of any other way to approach a disease if you have to experience it. And its frustrating to toss ideas out there only to be met with comments like "Ask your Neuro".

I ran across a BG 12 and Low Dose Naltrexone thread and was astounded at the in-depth posts and intelligent comments. Even someone familiar with the chemical differences between BG12 and Fumaderm. So i think this is the forum for me.

My MRI is today so I am in that "limbo" phase. My symptoms over the last 6 months have been a strange mysterious combination of things. Could fill 20 pages, but whittled down:

March - July
Bouts of sudden, strong Fatigue / Overall Weakness accompanied by tingling/chills/crawling sensations
Also strangely accompanied by aching armpits (yet no palpable swollen glands)
Random single muscle spasms, once or twice a week.
Fatigue bouts continued every 6 weeks from March to July.

Developed Swollen gland in groin. (unrelated?)
2 weeks later: Developed body-wide muscle spasms, 24 hours a day. (Lasted 20 days so far)
Twitching left hand and arm. (Lasted 10 days)
Numbness on foot. Followed by tingling pins n needles.

Developed heat sensitivity in feet.
Extreme cold sensitivity in Fingers.
Daytime burning / swollen hot aching feeling in foot.
Bodywide twitching continued but focused primarily on lower legs.
Return of Fatigue/Weakness/Crawling sensations.

Current: Fatigue has returned, some armpit ache, chills/crawling sensations.

Expecting an abnormal MRI. Bracing myself.

Hi everyone.
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