NMO (Devic) or MS

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NMO (Devic) or MS

Postby annekepanneke » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:45 pm

Hello every one!

My name is Anneke Scholten. I am almost 48 and have a husband and 4 kids, almost all adults now :) Further 2 dogs and 2 cats. I love having a full house!
I immigrated to Canada 9 years ago. In 2005, 8 years ago, I had a fall accident which left me with permanent nerve damage in my left arm/hand.

In Feb. 2012 I suddenly lost vision in my left eye. The doctors diagnoses me with Optic Neurits. I had a clean brain MRI, however the doctors thought it was a "bad" scan and I got another one in October. Just a couple of weeks ago the opthoneurologist told me the MRI showed the Optic Neuritis as well as a Transverse Myelitis. He told me it could be NMO or MS however the latter one was less likely because my brain scan did not show any abnormalities.
Monday the 14th I am going to the MS clinic. I am pretty nervous.

My symptoms include:
- fatigue, foggy brain
- wobbly knees/legs, they feel very heavy and unsteady
- loss of strength in my hands
- balance problems
- problems with urinating, it does not start easy and I feel my bladder is not emptied
- painful upper legs, even my clothing touching my legs sometimes hurt

I don't have that 'l Hermitte sign.
I have had trouble with pain in my chest, my heart was ok though.

I am injecting B12 for about 4 years now due to B12-deficiency.

Hoping to learn more about this and find some hope for the future. Right now I feel that every thing is "shaking", I am not sure any more about what to do in my future. I just started a new course and am planning to finish another one, both in event management. But no one wants to have an event planner who can fall out from an illness any time :)
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