Hi there...

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Hi there...

Postby Iggyspinktights » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:14 pm

I hope it's ok that I post here.
I frequent forums and have considered coming here for a while but like a new kid in school you have to start the process of "meeting" people all over again.
I can be shy....

I do not have MS.
I'm a married momma of 2 girls 12 and 7 I just recently started working after being a SAHM for 8 years as a leasing agent, and I also work at a resale clothing store.
My husband who I've been with since I was 18 (31 now) was diagnosed around March of 2012. Based on information received It was safe to say the symptoms and issues he was having for the last 7 years were all MS related.
The diagnosis came after his ability to walk was nonexistent. He had been walking with a gait for a few years but everything we contributed to a pinched nerve. He was wheelchair bound,bed bound I had to bathe and help him go to the bathroom. There was a round of steroid infusions that helped him get enough strength to eventually roll out of bed.

He is now officially retired.

He's better...still walks with a gait only short distances no feelings in his hand or strength to push with his legs....HORRIBLE memory lately .

What made me want to post today is that I'm worried. He had a pretty bad fall outdoors. He was dealing ok. Hours afterwards and he was fine. Then night time and he's walking and basically dragging that leg. His knee is swollen. He fell down trying to get to bed. I'm 4'8 he's 6'3...it's not easy lifting him up. Praying it's not a torn ACL or something very serious. Hopefully tomorrow he wakes up ok.

Thanks for listening.
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Re: Hi there...

Postby DougL » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:27 am

Iggyspinktights wrote:I'm 4'8 he's 6'3...

hi Pinktights


my parents are the same - 6'4 and 5'0. I was always afraid what would happen if my Dad was hurt and only my Mom to help.

best of luck.
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Re: Hi there...

Postby lyndacarol » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:22 pm

Welcome to ThisIsMS, pinktights. Of course, it's ok that you post here! We are glad that you have joined us. We are always here to listen. All the best to you.
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